A meeting point for the ancient and modern, a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia is a real insight into the history of an entirely unique culture. Join Active Asia as we journey through both of these amazing countries, exploring diverse landscapes and people.

Rather than a step, Cambodia offers a mighty leap into the past! With over a thousand temples in Siem Reap alone, there are infinite opportunities to learn more about this peaceful culture and to witness the stunning architecture and intricate design characteristics of Buddhist temples. A visit to the killing fields offers an honest insight into the recent tragic history of the people and the current shape of the country.

Take in the chaos of Vietnam’s capital city, Hanoi, venture to local ethnic villages for an insight into the traditional way of life, cruise the crystal waters of Halong Bay and the emerald waters of the Mekong Delta, and witness how the locals have adapted to life on the water. Vietnam is a country of infinite possibilities!

Active Asia takes pride in taking clients to lesser-known corners, as well as popular tourist metropolises, so you can get an authentic feel for these countries of contrast! Both of our combined tours offer luxury accommodation in 4-star hotels, ensuring you can explore these exotic countries in comfort. Why not take a look at our offered tours below for the trip of a lifetime?

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