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5 Things to take on holiday

Holiday in Vietnam

We all wander if we have packed everything we need for our holiday. And when visiting a country so often different from ours, like Vietnam, it often raises more questions. What’s the weather in Vietnam? Do I need malaria medication? Can I get cash out?

So, while we try to answer your common questions throughout I thought I’d give you my quick 5 things to bring on holiday to Vietnam.

Number 1 – Cash
In Vietnam, credit cards are accepted and there are Eftpos or Cash Machines everywhere, but you should always have some cash with you. Cash is still the primary payment method in Vietnam and Cambodia. And as with most of our delightful guests, I’m pretty sure you will be tempted to shop while you are on holiday. Throughout Vietnam you will be offered items to buy by local producers and street sellers and cash is the way to go, along with in the markets. You’ll also be wanting to buy smaller purchases such as bottled water and snacks so make sure you have some small notes with you. Bring USD, although currency exchange shops and hotels will change Euro, Pounds, Australian Dollars and more.

TIP! If bringing USD make sure they are clean, new notes.

Number 2 – Sunscreen, hat & bug spray
You are heading to a tropical country, so sunscreen is advisable as well as a hat. Insect spray and/or mosquito spray is advised especially for evenings and in places like Halong Bay, the Mekong Delta and when dining outside.

Number 3 – Plug converter
You don’t want to see BATTERY LOW on your laptop or phone… and especially on your camera. So make sure you bring a multi plug adaptor and most importantly remember to take it out of the plug when you check out of your hotel!

Number 4 – Basic first aid items
Although there are chemists and department stores around Vietnam & Cambodia, this is the kind of place that a scratch or insect bite is something you want to take care of straight away. And of course, when trying different foods you could possibly get diarrhea depending how adventurous you are. Food hygiene is so good in Vietnam these days, but often it is just the variety and different foods that get our bowels moving so best to be prepared.

I suggest a couple of band-aids, disinfectant for wounds/cuts and some anti-diarrhea tablets – just in case!

street seller vietnam

Number 5 – Your sense of adventure
Fast developing and  super friendly, but Vietnam & Cambodia may still be something quite different to what you are used to at home. Facilities may not be the same as in your country and of course it may be hot weather, adding to the challenge. But this is an amazing part of the world and you will leave with an incredible memory of a holiday of a lifetime, so relax, enjoy the differences and make the most of it!

And last but not least, your smile!
Whilst on our small group tours of Vietnam and our boutique holidays to Cambodia, we utilize quality hotels and operate reliable and efficient tours for you, there may well be challenges. Street hawkers, market sellers, different facilities in the hotels, language barriers and more. But remember you will get a lot more from your holiday if you just simply smile!

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