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How to get around in Siem Reap

All you need to know about riding a TUK TUK in Siem Reap Cambodia

The Cambodian motorcycle rickshaw – well known by visitors to Siem Reap as a Tuk-Tuk, is locally known as a Moto. The small wheeled carriage towed behind a motor-bike is a fantastic way to get around town – and cheap too!

Up to four people can be seated, but the two best seats are the ones facing the direction of travel. The town of Siem Reap is relatively small but for no more than US$ 4 you can get your taxi tuk-tuk to where-ever you are going to visit.

Tuk Tuk Cambodia
View from Tuk Tuk: Shutterstock

They are available everywhere and you’ll likely find a few drivers sitting outside your hotel waiting for clients. You do however need to negotiate your fare before getting in – and be sure you understand your driver and also that he knows where you are going.

So how much does a Tuk Tuk cost?
For just about all trips around town – to and from the shops, pub street, restaurants etc, you’ll be charged between US$ 3 – 4. If for some reason you don’t agree with the Tuk Tuk driver on the fare, just go to the next Tuk Tuk driver.

If you are visiting the wonderful Phare (Cambodian Circus) for the evening show, the fare will likely be between US $8-10 including waiting time. Your Tuk Tuk driver will pick you up at the end of the event and take you back to your hotel or into the city center.

If you are planning to go out to the Angkor Temples, then negotiate how long you are going for. Half-day or full-day?

Riding Tuk Tuk with Active Asia Tours

A visit to the nearer main temples will set you back $ 20 – $30 and the further out temple locations could cost you up to US$ 35 or slightly more.

Make sure you pay your Tuk Tuk driver with small cash. If you don’t have any small bills, change some currency at your hotel before heading out. One of the best things to do in Cambodia is to make sure you have a bundle of US$1 notes before you go – they are invaluable for tuk-tuk rides and tipping. Of course you can pay in Cambodian Riel if you have some from past purchases.

Do note that some Tuk Tuk drivers will charge the same price no matter if you are alone or you have the maximum per tuk-tuk of 4 persons. Others sometimes ask a higher price if there is more than two passengers and also if any of your party are, shall we say, on the heavier side. Please don’t be offended by this, its just the Cambodian way. To them the calculation is simple: more passengers = more weight = more fuel costs and higher wear. Sounds reasonable?

So enjoy your holiday in Siem Reap, get out and explore the great restaurants, sights and pub street for just a few dollars and ride a tuk-tuk. It keeps locals employed and saves you walking the streets in the heat.


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