Hanoi - Vietnam

Today, there are many things to see and do in Hanoi, including traditional forms of art such as the water puppet theatre. But the main attraction of Hanoi is the original 1,000-year-old city, known as the ‘Old Quarter’, that is home to traditional-style houses and shop fronts and narrow streets. Packed with charming colonial architecture, Buddhist temples, and pagodas, the Old Quarter is nestled beside the beautiful Hoan Kiem Lake.

Outside the Old Quarter, your best way to see Hanoi is on a top sightseeing tour of Hanoi such as the Heritage Hanoi Tour.

Traditional experiences in Hanoi include the Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre or enjoying a show at the Hanoi Opera House. These days, emerging modern developments such as large shopping centres and high-rise apartment towers are appearing outside of the Old Quarter — a fascinating contrast between the present and past.

Top restaurants in Hanoi include local Vietnamese cuisine favourites as well as French, Italian, and the local BBQ and hot pot establishments. You’ll also find great dining in the Old Quarter and around Hoan Kiem Lake. You’ll get our top things to do and where to eat guide in our special ‘Welcome Package and Walking Tour,’ but for many people, Hanoi is the perfect place to enjoy the famous Street Food Tour of Hanoi, a chance to safely sample the local street food.

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